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The Sophistatart chapter of the Red Hat Society is a non-fundraising or
charitable group of ladies who are only out for disorganised fun.

We believe that we have looked after our families, peaked in our careers... and now it is time to start playing!

Rules and Guidelines

1. There are no rules other than we don't have meetings and we don't do fundraising.

2. You must wear a red hat at all outings so you can enjoy the
sense of ridiculous-ness.

3. The group must appoint a queen who in her royal duties coordinates all that goes on (or controls the masses).

4. The group must appoint a royal treasury who keeps track of our fun money.

5. Events are to be organised by different members each time so the onus is not on the same Sophistatart.

6. The events are what the group decides sounds fun for everyone.

7. Contacts are to be made through emails or a buddy system.

8. Members will pay a $40 yearly fee to join the adventure.

The Royal Dress Code

Those of us who are 50 or above in royal years wear a red hat, purple dress/pants and red accessories.

Those of us under 50 are Sophistatarts in training for a royal position. They wear any shade of pink hat, mauve dress/pants and pink accessories.

To celebrate your birthday month the colours may be reversed ie. purple hat and red clothes


I will wear a red hat.

I will laugh loudly.

I will no longer keep my opinion to myself.

I will pick flowers in other people's gardens.

I will shop all day.

I will sing in the shower.

I will eat chocolate!

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